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Koleen Schoon - Paralegal

Mrs. Schoon was an original part of the founding team of Starling Law Firm, PLLC. Mrs. Schoon has worked with Mr. Starling on loan transactions since May of 2016. Mrs. Schoon located to Jacksonville with her husband who is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. Mrs. Schoon is a Certified Notary Public in North Carolina. Mrs. Schoon has a great deal of previous experience in banking and foreclosures. Mrs. Schoon assists in serving Starling Law Firm’s clients by completing title searches, working with lenders to disclose and balance settlement statements, assist in our civil litigation practice, and assist managing the Homeowner’s Associations that the Firm represents. Mrs. Schoon has a great deal of knowledge and her assets and contributions are a large part of the success of Starling Law Firm.


Sydnee Harris - Paralegal

Ms. Harris joined Starling Law Firm, PLLC. in September of 2018. Ms. Harris has a background in real estate with working side-by-side with brokers and assisting them throughout the transaction process. Ms. Harris is a former Certified North Carolina Notary Public. Ms. Harris focuses and specializes in new construction transactions. Ms. Harris works in all aspects of real estate law. Ms. Harris’s attention to detail, dedication to Starling Law Firm and its clients, dedication to real estate brokers, work ethic, and extensive knowledge is a vital key to the success that has taken place at Starling Law Firm, PLLC. Ms. Harris is a North Carolina native. Ms. Harris is remembered by all for her thick country accent, amazing/positive personality and attitude, dedication to the success of others around her, selfless attitude, and much more.


Kayla Douglas - Paralegal

Mrs. Douglas joined Starling Law Firm, PLLC. in January of 2019. Mrs. Douglas is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. Mrs. Douglas has excelled from administrative assistant at Starling Law Firm to a full-time real estate law paralegal. Mrs. Douglas works with lenders and brokers to finalize closing disclosures/settlement statements and closing packages for all of Starling Law Firm’s transactions. Mrs. Douglas understands the different loan types and how those affect settlements and it’s closing statement. Mrs. Douglas is a vital part of Starling Law Firm and our future success.


Karla Sanders- Paralegal

Mrs. Sanders is originally from California. Mrs. Sanders has more than ten years of experience in real estate. Mrs. Sanders holds a valid and active license as a real estate broker. Mrs. Sanders joined Starling Law Firm in August of 2018. Mrs. Sanders deals with the seller’s side of the transaction for Starling Law Firm. Mrs. Sanders helps assist and is solely responsible for the seller’s during the transaction process at Starling Law Firm. Mrs. Stephens assists with drafting seller documents, including General Warranty Deed, and others. Mrs. Stephen’s attention to detail is second to none. Mrs. Stephens is a vital part of Starling Law Firm, PLLC. and achieving a smooth transaction. Mrs. Sanders deals with the drafting and execution of all legal documents, including seller documents.


Renee Beken- Paralegal

Mrs. Beken is the newest member of the Starling Law Firm family. Mrs. Beken is a native Texan who has moved all over the world due to her husband’s career in the military. She has made Jacksonville, NC home for the moment. Mrs. Beken holds a valid and active license as a real estate broker in North Carolina since the beginning of 2019. Mrs. Beken works with lenders and brokers to run files to closing, including the preparation of closing disclosures and loan packages. Her extensive knowledge about real estate as a broker will only benefit the brokers, clients, and lenders that we work with on a day to day basis.

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The Starling Law Firm, PLLC, is a greatly respected North Carolina Law Firm. We are committed to providing our clients with the best legal services possible. Our commitment to ethical standards and core values ensures that these client-centered services are provided at reasonable rates. We are very happy to introduce our team of attorneys to our clients.

At the Starling Law Firm, we recognize that our people including our team of attorneys are our greatest asset. We have therefore put together a diverse team of attorneys to ensure that the unique needs of our clients are met. Furthermore, we realize that our team and our clients reflect the world around us. We, therefore, embrace diversity and inclusion in all our operations.

Moreover, at the Starling Law Firm, we have created and fostered a collegial firm culture. We, therefore, work together to solve problems and meet the needs of our clients. Our attorneys remain focused on the end goal: meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

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