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  • Why Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney in North Carolina?

    real estate attorney

    Real estate sales are not simple transactions. A lot of legal knowledge is necessary to complete real estate transactions, so it’s not only helpful to have a real estate attorney involved in the process, in the state of North Carolina, it’s required. Why you need a real estate attorney in North Carolina North Carolina law […]

  • North Carolina Real Estate Closing Checklist

    north carolina real estate closing checklist

    You’ve searched, found a home you love, made an offer that was accepted by the seller, and gone through the inspection process. Now it’s time for one of the most exciting days in your home-buying journey: closing! Closing, also referred to as escrow, is the last step in financing and purchasing real estate before you […]

  • Fraud in North Carolina

    fraud in north carolina

    You might hear the word “fraud” thrown around often in everyday conversation, but fraud is a criminal action that is taken very seriously in North Carolina. An accusation of fraud can have a huge impact on your life and future. Fraud is a very broad category of crime and many different activities can be considered […]