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Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

At Starling, Rodriguez & Associates, we represent and offer valuable counsel to different clients on matters concerning North Carolina real estate. This includes any legal issues pertaining to sales and acquisitions, the evaluation of titles and negotiation of title insurance policies, land use matters and environmental laws, development and construction agreements, the negotiation and preparation of leases, the representation of lenders and borrowers in real estate finance matters, structuring and negotiation of joint venture contracts, restructurings, and litigation including eminent domain proceedings. Our commitment to providing our clients with excellent services guarantees that your interests and rights are always protected.

Landlord and Tenant Representation

We represent commercial and residential landlords and tenants in North Carolina. Our team of experts is fully committed to ensuring that the needs of our clients are met. We provide pertinent counsel on various matters including strategy development, property acquisition, property renewal, property disposal, portfolio development, relocations, displacement, property taxes, and all property negotiations. Our goal is to ensure that we protect the interests of our clients.

Homeowners Association Representation

Our dedicated team of legal experts has a lot of experience representing homeowners and homeowner associations (HOAs) in North Carolina. We offer valuable counsel in issues such as enforcing covenants and accommodating restrictions, collecting super-priority liens, judicial foreclosures, evictions, vendor contract management, construction contracts, and construction defect litigation.

Civil Litigation

Our dedicated team of legal experts has a lot of experience helping businesses and individuals successfully resolve disputes. We are a broad-based civil litigation defense practice firm that has the experience you need to successfully overcome your obstacles.

Contract Writing and Disputes

Our dedicated team of legal experts has a lot of experience representing A contract is an essential part of any business. They are essential in protecting your business interest and set boundaries and solutions to any future problem and clarify legal liabilities. Contracts are a legal binding agreement which recognizes and governs the rights and parties of an agreement. Starling, Rodriguez & Associates can assist you with various contract issues such as, contract drafting, review and contract disputes.

Breach Of Warranty Disputes

One of the most frustrating things for a consumer is making a purchase with your hard-earned money and then have to bring the product or vehicle back for repeated repairs or replacement. Starling, Rodriguez & Associates understands that when you make a major purchase, you expect the product or vehicle to meet certain quality, performance, and standards. Federal law protects consumers against product defects and if you’ve had repeated issues with an appliance or vehicle purchase, and have not received a refund or replacement, you may be able entitled to take legal action.

Veteran’s Law

Starling, Rodriguez & Associates provides legal representation for Veterans Disability and Veterans Discharge Upgrades. We have years of experience helping Veterans get approved for their disability claim and we also help those who are seeking discharge upgrades for, misconduct, personality disorder, homosexuality, drug abuse and other reasons. We aggressively fight for your benefits!

Criminal Law

The attorneys and staff at Starling, Rodriguez & Associates understand how serious it is when you or a loved one has been accused of a crime. Whether you’re facing a drug possession charge, trafficking charges, DUI/DWI or any other felony or misdemeanor offense, Starling, Rodriguez & Associates is here to defend you