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Real Estate

Starling Law Firm can assist you with all of your real estate legal issues. We represent both individual as well commercial clients on all real estate issues. Our clients include individual and corporate buyers, sellers, contractors, developers, brokers, leaders, investors, and real estate agents who are interested in real estate in Onslow County North Carolina.

Real Estate Closings

Our attorneys at Starling Law Firm have years of real estate closing experience. Our goal is ensuring that the client receives ownership of property that is free of any encumbrance. Our legal staff of experts will also make sure that all agreed on terms are met within the time frame all parties have agreed on. At Starling Law Firm we want to ensure you have a problem free real estate closing.

Property Purchases

If you are considering purchasing real estate the experienced attorneys at Starling Law Firm provide their clients with years of real estate legal experience they need when making a successful real estate purchase. When purchasing real estate not all areas of the contract are evident and small things that might not seem important can later become serious issues. Our job is to make sure all title work is correct, and to make sure all vague contractual terms are clear and concise and ensuring a reasonable asking price for the property.


At Starling Law Firm we get questions daily by those contemplating refinancing. While some choose to refinance on their own, we highly advise hiring an experienced real estate attorney to assist you. When you retain Starling Law Firm to assist you with your refinancing needs you can rest assured that your refinance transaction application or loan documents match the terms of your agreement. Starling Starling Law Firm will also confirm that the mortgage you are paying off is discharged in a proper manner. If this isn’t done properly it can cause problems obtaining a clear title in the future.

Eminent Domain

If your property is targeted for acquisition, Starling Law Firm will make sure that you receive fair compensation for it. At Starling Law Firm we handle most types of eminent domain case from, single family homes to multi-story office buildings, partial to full takings, easements and right of way. In many cases we find it necessary to research your situation to make sure the condemnation is justified, that the action is in truly in the public interest. We also make sure the price you have been offered is of fair market value and you are not being taken advantage of.

Buying and Selling Real Estate Advice

If you are a first time home buyer or a well seasoned real estate investor, it’s always a wise idea to have an experienced real estate attorney assist you with the process. At Starling Law Firm we give our clients buying and selling real estate advice to make sure the buying or selling process is pleasant experience. We also make sure the buying and selling of real estate property is fair and amenable to our clients.

Title Searches

Protecting our clients and serving their best interest is our number one priority at Starling Law Firm. We do an exhaustive search on all property related documents that are relevant to ownership and any conflicting interests of the property.

Real Estate Liens

Starling Law Firm will make sure that all liens are fully disclosed or the claim is paid off before our client purchases the property. Our focus is to make sure these claims do not cloud the title to your property. In addition, we focus on resolving any issues that may emanate from liens placed on joint tenancy, community property, or tenancy in common properties.