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Veterans Law

Starling Law Firm provides legal representation for Veterans Disability and Veterans Discharge Upgrades. We have years of experience helping Veterans get approved for their disability claim and we also help those who are seeking discharge upgrades for, misconduct, personality disorder, homosexuality, drug abuse and other reasons. We aggressively fight for your benefits!

Veterans Disability Representation

Veterans who are determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to be disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service are paid a monetary benefit called a disability compensation. These disabilities are considered to be service-connected, also known as service-related.

A Veteran who meets the following criteria may begin a service-connected claim:

  • Veteran Status (discharged under circumstances other than dishonorable)
  • A connection between the veteran’s service and the current disability
  • Service treatment records and supporting statements
  • Existence of a current disability
  • Degree of Disability

It Is Important To Be Prepared For The VA Application Process

In most cases the process includes you collecting all of your medical, military and other records that are associated with your VA application. You will also need to collect your private medical records. You will also need to make sure you have all the required evidence for each claimed disability.

What Are Service Connected Disabling Conditions?

A variety of service-connected disabilities can be considered and might make you eligible for VA benefits, or possibly additional benefits. If you have any of the possible service-connected disabilities below, or another injury or illness, please make us aware. The following list does not include all service-connected disabilities:

  • Orthopedic Injuries
  • Explosion related injuries
  • Toxic Chemical Exposure
  • Neurological Injury
  • Agent Orange
  • PTSD
  • Post-concussion Syndrome
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Military Sexual Trauma

Military Discharge Upgrade Representation

When an active duty military service member is released from service, they will receive a DD-214 with information related to the military service member’s career which includes the reason or basis for separation and the characterization of service, along with a re-entry or re-enlistment code (RE).

When am active duty service member is involved in some type of misconduct during their time of service, and the misconduct leads to an early termination of their contract, this will usually result in either an: Other than Honorable discharge or a General, Under Honorable Conditions. In addition, the military service member may receive an, RE-4 Re-enlistment Code that might bar the service member from ever joining military service again. This could also have a drastic impact on any future employment opportunities. When you are discharged there is a system in order for your discharge to be upgraded by petitioning the BCNR or the Discharge Review Board (DRB). It is very imperative to make the best possible filing the very first time.

Starling Law Firm has experience helping those seeking a discharge upgrade do so successfully. Call our office to schedule a no obligation, consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.